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Below is a short list of common services we perform for our customers. If you would like to call and discuss your needs with us. Please do. We're here to help.
Common PC Services

Virus & Malware Cleaning

Remove viruses and malware that cause pop ups, slow performance, annoying ads and more. We don't just remove it, we repair the damage caused as well.


Hard Drive Replacement

A failed hard drive is often the cause for slowness, freezing, or failure to boot. The hard drive will be replaced with a brand new one, Operating system will be completely installed and configured for use.

Tune up & Cleaning

A complete overhaul, remove all viruses and malware, Update drivers, remove dust from internal components and service the cooling system. this service often leaves the computer running better than new.

Format and Reinstall
The system is completely erased, after the erase, a fresh copy of the operating system is installed, all drivers and updates are performed. A true fresh start. Data Transfer, or backup of files can be provided once A fresh copy of windows is installed.


Data Back-up/Transfer

Applicable in cases such as;

Transferring Files from one Computer to another Keeping your personal files before a fresh Install of the operating system

Data Recovery:

if your computer system has crashed, become unusable or you accidentally deleted your files, don't stress, our team is prepared to help you. No matter how severe.


Computer upgrades:

If your computer is aging and you would like to extend it's usable life span, we can upgrade the system to give you some much needed speed!

we build the most reliable and fast systems for our customers.

Home & Office systems:

We will assess your computing needs so that we can build you a system that meets them and provides you with innovative features to increase your productivity.

Gaming systems:

We select parts that compliment the performance and efficiency of each other component. Our gaming systems bring you the bleeding edge of performance and reliability for reasonable prices.

Common Mac Services
Diagnostic - What's wrong?

We will first listen to your description of the problem with your Mac. Once the details have been noted we use this information to investigate the cause. Once the cause is known we will call you with a quote for the solution. Upon your approval of the quote, we will proceed with the work.

Tune Up and Optimization

Finding your mac slower than when it was new? Remove non necessary files, unwanted apps, optimize OSX, or install the latest version of OSX

Logic Board Repair

We can troubleshoot your Mac at the chip level. This gives us the ability to keep our prices affordable, and our repair success rates high.

SSD Upgrade  - Increase speed

Upgrading your computers platter type HDD with an SSD is the #1 way to increase the speed of your Mac, it really does make an older mac run like new.

Hard Drive Replacement
A failed hard drive is often the cause for slowness, freezing, or failure to boot. The hard drive will be replaced with a brand new one. Mac OSX is then installed.

Data Back-up/Transfer

If you would like your data, applications, and settings  backed  up, or transferred to a new Mac. We can do this in most cases even if your Mac no longer powers on.

Screen & Glass Replacement

If you've cracked the screen, or the glass on your Mac. We can replace the screen and the glass on most Mac & Macbook models. (Eg. Air, Pro, iMac)

Liquid Damage

We specialize in repairing Macs that have been spilled upon or otherwise exposed to liquid. We've had everything from a small water spill to as severe as full submersion in a pool, wine spill, and being left out in a rainstorm. If your Mac has liquid damage, we're the team you need.

Mac Upgrades

We can assess your Mac and advise you on what can be done to increase performance. This is often more cost effective than buying an entirely new Mac.

-Solid state drive

- Ram

- Battery replacement

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