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Want a custom computer designed from the case up with your specific applications and design in mind? 



tell us your budget and how you will use the system. We will listen carefully so we can build you the best machine for your budget and purpose (gaming, media server, content creation, etc).


We will research and select the best available parts for your build and provide you with different build options to accommodate your needs while keeping your budget in mind. 

Color schemed to your business or your preference

Liquid cooling

Custom LED and RGB lighting Installation

Why Choose us to build your next system?

  • Consult with an expert who will work with you to find the proper balance of performance, Storage, Price, Aesthetics.

  • Thoroughly tested and tuned

  • Assembled here at our shop with patience and precision we enjoy it

  • Fairness, we won't recommend overkill things, 

  • Local warranty support


Home & Office

Custom gaming rigs

Purpose built workstations

Info and starting price

Info and starting price

Info and starting price

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