Dust, your computers worst enemy.

 If your computer has been chugging along for a while under your desk for over 6 months, I've got something to share with you: It's likely that the cooling system as well as other parts are blanketed with performance robbing, noise making DUST! This dust cakes on and prevents your system from adequately cooling, leading to future performance issues and hardware failures. Heres a few simple steps you can take to clean it up.


You're going to need:


A phillips type screwdriver.


3 in 1 Oil (don't use any other oil!)


A can of compressed air or an electronic Datavac

you can get these can's directly from us or at your local electronics store such as staples or radioshack.


1.Before you begin be sure your data is backed up, just in case you make a mistake while cleaning.


2.Start by disconnecting the power as well as all of your peripherals (keyboard mouse printer etc.)


3. Take your computer tower to the basement or outside on the porch. You're really going to want to do this because the amount of dust thats going to come blasting out isn't healthy to breathe or to reintroduce in to your home.


4. Open your case using your phillips screwdriver. Most cases have a couple screws on the back door. The door slides backward to open.


5. Here comes the fun part.

Hold the can of air upright. DO NOT SHAKE. Attach the thin straw to the can and blow directly over all the components of the system. Note where ever you see a fan it is important to blast these areas throughly. Avoid doing this around kids or pets and be sure to notice when the can gets cold in your hands. Blast out all cracks and crevices throughly.


6. Power supply.

You will see a large box inside the unit that has several wire connections coming from it to various other areas of the machine. This box will have a fan inside. Insert the straw in to the back of this box slightly and begin cleaning.

7. (optional)  Lubrication

You can take the fans out of the system by unscrewing them and unplugging the cables. You can then add a drop of 3 in 1 inside the fan to lubricate it and prevent future failures.

You're done!

If this process seems a bit daunting for you, bring it to us. We only charge $25 for this service on a standard desktop machine.


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